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S Bonifacio e Alessio

S Alessio in Rome

This image from Santi Bonifacio e Alessio is part of one of the panoramic images found on the Tour of Rome. There are over 100 images taken from around Rome linked to an interactive map.

The name of this church is often abbreviated to S Alessio. It is named after Alexius who was killed by being pushed down some stairs. He was the only son of Euphemianus, a wealthy Christian Roman of the senatorial class. Alexius fled an arranged marriage to pursue his vocation, ending up in Edessa, Syria. Slaves were sent to look for him but did not recognize him living as a beggar.

Eventually he was singled out as a “Man of God” and fled back to Rome to live, unrecognized, with his parents who, as Christians, took him in for 17 years. He spent this time hiding under the stairs and teaching the faith to children. Documents found after his death revealed who he really was. A portion of a staircase is set into a 17C altar at the west end of the left aisle, supposedly the very one Alexius lived under.

Originally a home the site was converted into a church in 5C, but has undergone many revisions. The interior is painted in pastel colours and, while plain compared to many churches, has an airy and free feel to it. The façade is from 18C with 5 arches and a five-storey bell tower dating from 1217. The church also contains a well from the Alessio family and a Byzantine Madonna of the Intercession brought to Rome in the 10C.

The image here shows the main altar within the church. The full panoramic image shown on the Rome tour by For better appreciation of this image go to the collection on Flickr.

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