Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Panoramas from Oxford

Panoramic Earth launches a new map of Oxford to which is linked nearly 50 fully 30 panoramas taken around this historic city, one of the most visited cities outside London in the UK. Alongside each panorama is some local and travel information forming a virtual tour of the sights and attractions in Oxford.

Take a walk up the church spire of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin to get a panoramic view over the famous Radcliffe Cinema and All Souls College .

Panorama of the skyline of OxfordExplore the famous and old Colleges of Oxford University. These college buildings are hundreds of year old, and the colleges are full of tradition and history. Explore the old quads and college grounds when they are open.

panorama of the quad of Wadham CollegeOxford is full of old chapels and churches like the one in Whadam College shown below. Weddings at the respective colleges are often highly desired by college students and alumni alike who are allowed to marry here if they fulfill certain conditions.

Wadham College ChapelFinally, anyone visiting Oxford must go punting on the River Cherwell, shown in the image below taken from Magdalen Bridge, from which students jump into the River on many May Days.

Panorama of Magdalen Bridge in Oxford
All images provided courtesy of Peter Watts, all rights reserved.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Virtual tour of Ibiza with over 50 fully 360 Panoramas

Explore the Ibiza with this Ibiza Map, which links over 50 fully 360° panoramas of the beaches and calas around Ibiza to a Google map. Each panoramic image is accompanied by a local description and travel directions providing one of the most comprehensive tours of Ibiza, from the famous beaches near to San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eularia to beautiful isolated beaches of Cala Xucla and Cala Olivera.

This virtual tour is a very useful tour for anyone planning a trip to Ibiza, and linking the panoramas to a Google map of Ibiza provides a unique way of viewing the island's treasures.

As with the other virtual tours produced by Panoramic Earth, this tour can be used by other websites for free, simply see the Use a Tour pages on the site for more details.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Panoramas from Belgium

Thanks to Eric Frankson, Panoramic Earth has made a dramatic entry into Belgium, as in the last few days he has added over 30 panoramas from around the country. His images come from all over the country and show some of the beautiful towns and villages there, from the coastal seaside resorts in the west through to the hills and valleys of the Ardennes in the east. Among the towns that have been added are Liège | Visé | Huy | Knokke | Dinant

New Panoramas on Panoramic Earth