Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Are You Reading? - Blog Directories

Putting information on the web is one thing, but getting it noticed is something else. Who is reading, is anyone interested or is all that time just being poured down the web equivalent of the kitchen sink?

It is always good to hear back from people what they think about what is being written. In trying to broaden the usefulness of this set of scribings I have started to submit this blog to a number of directories specifically designed for us, the blogging community. One such is Technorati Profile.

So if you have found anything presented here to date of use then please let us know - it helps keep the enthusiasm up!

Listed below are some other distribution networks (in no particular order) that feature us:
Listed in LS Blogs

blog search directory
Link With Us - Web Directory
Find Blogs in the Blog Directory
Link With Us - Web Directory
Blog Directory & Search engine
Blog Listings
Search 4 Blogs
All-Blogs.net directory
Photography Art Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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