Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Online Maps of London Attractions

Blackfriars Bridge

So you are coming to London and want to find your way about the city. There are an increasing number of websites that contain information about London, the sights and the attractions. Which should you go to?

One such is this site about London tourist attractions, which is based on a Google Map mashup of London showing some images of some of the attractions you may find here. Each Google pin links through to a page with a brief description about the attraction. The site, moniterized by Google Ads, is clean and runs smoothly

An alternative site is also based on a map. This London Map contains over 100 panoramic images from around the city linked to an interactive map. It is part of a much larger collection of tours from various cities and is being built up by a number of different contributing panoramic photographers.

There is also another Google based Map which also contains some information about each attraction. Any of these sites are a good way to check out the attractions of the city before you come and visit.

Check out the London index of this blog to see what London sights and attractions have been described here to date.

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