Friday, October 06, 2006

Rome - Thanks where it is due

Piazza S Pietro in Rome

It is one thing visiting a place and spending time taking lovely photographs. It is totally another to then try to remember where they all were or even what the places were called. I enjoy sites like Flickr, but so often title of ‘Church’ or ‘Statue’ does not really help in understanding where the image was taken. I like to have relevant titles on things, maybe that comes from my scientific training. I may even like to give a one liner (or more for the posts here) about them. It is at that time that I reach for the sources

In putting together the information on Rome I have used a number of sources. Among these are some travel guides, all of which contain both the same information and then separate snippets. These included guides from Cadogan, Eyewitness, Blue Guide and a Times Bartholomew Guide.

Naturally in addition to this the website has been an invaluable resource. I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to Churches in Rome on Wikipedia, and also the valuable information compiled on, which is looks like being a very thorough personal labour of love. These are the kind of sites that deserve to be at the top of search engine results, far more than the ‘reviews’ given on travel sites.

In putting together the descriptions for both here and Panoramic Earth I have also gained far more understanding and appreciation for the places I have been to than if I were merely compiling a photo album.

S Bernardo Church Rome

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