Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rob Bowker - New Panoramic Earth VT Contributor

Panoramic Earth welcomes Rob Bowker to our regular contributors. A graphic designer and photographer based in Oxfordshire, he has 25 years experience working as a a graphics and publications manager in the charity sectors. Not content with this, Rob continues to find new photography challenges, inspired by Hockney’s ‘joiners’ back in the eighties and the late Ian Hamilton Finlay’s treatment of text with landscape. More of his work can be seen on Photoshelter and on his own blog.

His foray into panoramic photography and virtual tour work started with a crude 360˚ pan using a borrowed K1000 Pentax 35mm film camera of a long-since demolished area of Bradford slum (which he intends to dig out and put together). Since then he has progressed through animation and film making to the VR panoramas, which, he says, ‘scratch the same itch!’.

Panorama of Wallingford Bridge supplied by Panoramic Earth

Rob, "really loves the way a flash panorama allows you to capture intimate and otherwise uncelebrated corners of the world. On viewing, the effect is immediate and compelling." Not an unusual response to 360 panoramas, and a sentiment voiced by his son seeing an early shot of Wallingford Bridge, who exclaimed, "Wow, it’s just like being there!"

One of his current favourite panoramas is of Queen’s Arbour, near to Wallingford Castle. Rob considers this a work in progress and is moving onto creating fully spherical images, which he will continue to share on Panoramic Earth in the future.

Out of this World - Mars Panorama

Mars Interactive Panorama
After the Moon, the next stop in the sights of manned space flight programmes is Mars. If ever you wondered what that would look like, then take a look a this Mars Landscape Panorama
which gives you a 360 view of the Red Planet.

Known as the McMurdo panorama, it was put together from 1400 individual images taken by NASA robot Spirit during the winter months on Mars when it could not move. So the next step is to put a person up there with a camera and tripod - any photography companies interested in sponsoring...?

Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Large Map Views from Panoramic Earth

Panoramic Earth has launched a new layout for it's virtual tours on the site, using a larger image and map presentation, as shown below with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Now it is easier to explore the area around a given location on the Google map, and easier to see what other virtual tour images are nearby. Just click on the Large Map View link below the virtual tour image to get the layout below.

Panoramic Earth Large Map View of New York City
Whereas the normal map view presents the panorama next to the map and the text description below it, the new view gives a wider presentation of the image above a wider map. And you can still get to the location description and information. Simply click on the
Description tab next to the panorama for the location data. To go back to the traditional view, click the Small Map View below the panorama.

Luxury Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus - golden sands, ancient sites, fantastic restaurants. A beautiful and fantastic place to holiday, and ideal for children. Several luxury Cyprus hotels and beach resorts offer excellent facilities for whole families and many are very aware of the need to provide activities for children.

An excellent choice for family-friendly hotels is the Columbia Beach Resort in Cyprus. Here the parents can relax around the pools, enjoy the beaches and a bit of golf, steam bath or Jacuzzi. You can unwind with various health and spa treatments and then enjoy the evening in the restaurants and cocktail bars.

In the meantime, a dedicated children's club will take care of the 3-12 year olds, with planned day trips and other events. Take the weight of looking after your children off your mind and bring them to a holiday resort where they can make life-long friends and have an amazing time.

These beach resort hotels provide the best for the whole family on Cyprus: relaxation, luxury and fun. A Cyprus holiday to remember.

New Panoramas on Panoramic Earth