Friday, August 27, 2010

Improvements to Image Uploading

Panoramic Earth has recently launched a new uploading procedure for adding 360° panoramas to the site. In response to user observations, and fully described on the Panorama Upload Help page, the new method allows:
  • Batch uploading of panoramas to an individual holding area.
  • Automatic detection of Cylindrical and Spherical panorama format.
  • Automatic check compatibility of image with site requirements.
  • Individual image management, editing, and allocation to a specific location within the site.
  • Modular system allows you to upload now and complete the process at a later time.
  • Faster uploading and fewer failed uploads.
With nearly 100 contributing photographers and 6,000 panoramas worldwide, we will continue to work on improving the site layout and function. Any and all feedback on this new process gratefully received!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Promoted on Radio Bremen

Panoramic Earth is gaining increasing exposure and commendation throughout the internet. Two recent recommendations coming from:

  1. Radio Bremen's Surftipps Section - Die Welt als Panorama article commends Panoramic earth for clarity, high resolution images, clear mapping in information about nearby locations.

  2. ClicRBS - major Brazilian portal website recommends Panoramic Earth's Budapest Tour with coverage of the major sites in the city.
These are just two of the recent articles written about the site, which now has nearly 6,000 panoramas from all over the world.

New Panoramas on Panoramic Earth