Monday, September 04, 2006

Roman (Magnum) Forum - Rome

Roman ForumWell, here is another one of Rome – the Roman Forum (or though it may also be known as the Forum Magnum). This ranks among the top ten visited sites in Rome, so if you go there during the high season, expect it to be crawling with tourists after about 10am when they begin to surface from the excesses of fantastic Roman food and wine the night before.

So this is the place to come to walk among 2000+ years of history. Makes you think – or would if the noise and bustle of hundreds of other people allowed you to do so. At least this is one place where you will not be contending with the crazy traffic. Though you do stand the danger of being run over by massive tour groups, so big that they can take minutes to pass by in double or even quadrouple file. So big indeed that they are communicated to via a radio earpiece link with the guide. It would appear quite possible then that those at the rear are actually looking at something the guide was talking about 5 minutes ago as they trail along at breakneck speed in order to get to the next site. That way they have ‘Done Rome’.

Oh, and if you think the crowds here are nuts – try the Coliseum, St.Peter’s or, worst of all, the Vatican Museums and Sistene Chapel, where a mile of bodies 4 deep can be found waiting to get in. Ah, but then that is Rome

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