Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Panoramic Earth and Flickr

Flickr is the well know site for posting photographs and sharing them with the world. I have been thinking about using it for a little while and have now taken the plunge. Some extra images that are either detail form a panoramic or simply other things taken whilst working for Panoramic Earth will be available on Flickr. All the current images are from Hawaii Island, and most of these were of lava formations or animals that caught my eye whislt there.

It is possible to get an RSS feed for the images that are uploaded. There are two links below that may be of use to people:

Flickr Account
RSS Feed link

I will continue to post some of the images here with a bit more of an expanded comment, but if you are interested in the larger image then Flickr will be the place to go. In cases where the larger image is available on Flickr I will try to remember to include the link. One of the things that we hope to include in the upgrade of Panoramic Earth are descriptions for each of the locations we have photographed.

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