Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Move Over to Beta.blogger - Post Tags

The Panoramic Earth blog today moved over to the newer version of Blogger. One thing that this will mean is that people will be able to move through relevant blog entries with greater ease. Each entry will now contain a series of tags at the bottom. By selecting one of the tags you will be shown only the entries with the same tag. This can be helpful when trying to compartmentalize the information.

For example, I expect to add a little more detail about some of the locations that have been photographed for Panoramic Earth. Using the tag system you will be able to see what information is given about specific places featured, like Rome, London and panoramicearth (for website related entries). I will also be going through some of the older posts and adding tags to them as time is available. Some of the more important tags will be listed down the side in future as well, allowing rapid access to specific areas of the blog.

Who knows, maybe one day you will be able to select the tag cloud and see what are the most common subjects written about.

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