Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Rose Garden, Queen Mary Gardens, Regents Park

Roses in flower in the Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in The Regents Park in London

This photo from the Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regents Park, London is part of one of the panoramic images found on the PanoramicEarth.com Tour of London. There are over 100 images taken from around London linked to an interactive map.

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The Rose Garden is part of the Queen Mary’s Gardens in The Regents Park. In fact many people refer to the whole of the Queen Mary Gardens as the Rose Gardens, though this is incorrect. Within the gardens are nearly 330 different varieties of roses, all planted out with labels indicating what they are. As such this Rose Garden should be a one stop reference point for those interested in roses.

In fact the list of plants here is impressive: There are 84 Formal Beds containing 80 varieties of Roses and a further 145 varieties are in the borders. The Rose Gardens also contains some 60 varieties of rambling or climbing roses, 41 varieties of Patio (miniature) Roses giving a total of 326 varieties and over 15,000 plants.

The focal point of the Rose Garden is the Rose Wheel, the circular area shown in this photo. A series of 10 planted beds radiate out from a focal bed, and are further surrounded by 10 other more rectangular planting beds. Around the whole of this are a number of benches set into alcoves formed by climbing roses. From the air the Rose Wheel takes on the appearance of a crop circle. Yet this is by no means the ends of the Rose Garden More beds of roses are spread out along and around the main lake within Queen Mary’s Gardens forming a glorious display of colour and smells. Put together this is a very popular place where people stroll gently or simply sit surrounded by flowers.

The Queen Mary’s Gardens occupy the whole of the 18 acres surrounded by the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle was first leased to the Royal Botanical Society and used as their garden. In 1932 the lease ran out and the garden was taken over by the Royal Parks and renamed as the Queen Mary’s Garden, after the wife of King George V. Here you will find a National Collection of delphiniums, herbaceous and Mediterranean borders, extensive lawns, an alpine island on the lake and, in the summer, a begonia garden and a sub-tropical border. The Queen Mary’s Gardens are also home to the Open Air Theatre and Garden Café.

Regents park is very close to Baker Street and many people walk through it from here to London Zoo. From Baker Street you will enter the park at the Boating Lake, and then you can cross a bridge, proceed up the path to Queen Mary Gardens. Another formal gardens within the Regents Park is Avenue Gardens.

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The full panoramic image taken from the top of Rose Gardens can be found on the London tour by PanoramicEarth.com. An enlargement of this photo can be found on Flickr.

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