Sunday, November 26, 2006

Eccleston Square - London

Eccleston Square, near Victoria Station, London

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Eccleston Square lies just s short distance away from Victoria Station, it is a private square accessible only by those inhabiting the residences that line the square. There is very little information available about the history and the origin of the square available, and, unless you are inclined to climb the spiked fence, no public access.

Eccleston Square is notable for those institutions that occupy some of the surrounding buildings. Here you will find the London arm of the Passport Office (89 Eccleston Square), and the regular queues of people frantically trying to get rapid processing of lost, stolen or expired documents just before they go on holiday.

The Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation (CASE) have their office at Number 39, having changed their name, after 100 years, from the Catholic Missionary Society. Other notable institutions around the square include the headquarters of the Buddhist Society (58 Eccleston Squar), which moved here in 1956, the year of the 2,500th celebration of the Buddha Jayanti, or the Buddha’s Enlightenment celebrations in India. At 32 Eccleston Square you will find the Garden Design department of the Inchbald School of Design.

You can find Eccleston Square on Tagzania

The nearest Station to Eccleston Square is Victoria Station.

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