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Avenue Gardens in The Regents Park - London

Avenue Gardens in The Regents Park, a Royal Park in London

This photo of Avenue Gardens in Regents Park, London is part of one of the panoramic images found on the Tour of London. There are over 100 images taken from around London linked to an interactive map.

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Regents Park (officially called The Regents Park) covers 487 acres of land given over to a variety of activities. And lying on the grass features highly among them in the summer - whether from choice to relax or the result of a bad tackle. Regents Park contains many sports fields for cricket, soccer and more. These are mostly found in the large open areas to the north end of Regents Park. The park is also well known for formally laid out gardens and pleasant walks, of which Avenue Gardens is but one.

Avenue Gardens is found in the south east side of Regents Park. This formal garden is supposed to be ball free, but don’t take that for granted. Here you will find planted areas seemingly constantly in bloom. The original layout for Avenue Gardens was by William A. Nesfield in the 19C in his role as the original landscaper for the whole of Regnts Park. The area was recently restored to former glory.

The Avenue Gardens create a kind of garden within Regents Park, separated as it is from the other open spaces by gates and fencing. You will find many unusual trees and shrubs here and the area is constantly replanted throughout the year. In addition are high planters and numerous fountains. The area has also been used for various displays and statues, which change from time to time. In the early spring the whole area is filled with cherry blossom and daffodils. In one corner is a dedicated bog garden.

The Broad Walk passes through Avenue gardens and then continues north to come out of the top of Regents Park near to London Zoo. Access to London Zoo is free with the London Pass. Walking through Regents Park is a great way to get to London Zoo, especially if you get out at Regents Park Tube as you quickly get off the roads and no longer have to worry about children and the traffic for a while.

The Regents Park is blessed with many transport links feeding into it. The nearest tube stations are Baker Street, Regents Park and Great Portland Street. The latter two will give rapid entry to the Avenue Gardens. Camden Town and St Johns Wood tubes are also within walking distance (north) of The Regents Park.

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