Friday, August 04, 2006

Shooting Rome

Font di Trevi - RomeRome, city of around 1000 churches. It not just feels like that when walking around, this is a fact. On almost every corner you will stumble upon another one, often heavily decorated inside. The trip to update and expand the Rome content for Panoramic Earth was completed a short while ago. We have managed to cover all the famous sites again and add a huge collection of other places. Quite a few of them are, yes, churches.

But if you want to have a wonder around the Colesseum, St.Peters, see the Font di Trevi or the Pantheon, then these will shortly be added to the Rome tour. It just takes a little while to put together over 100 panoramic photographs and then add them to the map. So please be a little more patient with us, it is coming, but we still have to eat and sleep in between times staring at a computer screen.

Some of the observations I had while there – Rome is mostly cobbled roads. These have potholes in them and are uneven to say the least. Spending 6+ hours a day on a bike cycling round the city to collect the photographs does not make you friends with your butt. Neither does working non stop for all that time in temperatures often exceeding 35ยบ! Rome also lacks from imagination when it comes to squares, there is nothing planted out in the plazas, just expanses of black cobbles.

That aside it does have the Pantheon, Colessuem, forum, St.Peters and hundreds of other fantastic buildings. And the evenings can make up for it, the food is fantastic, and walking around the centre late at night can be quite relaxing.

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