Friday, January 15, 2010

Panoramic Earth about to Change

The New Site Screenshot

Screenshot of new layout for PanoramicEarth.comFor several months now we have been working on a major site upgrade for Panoramic Earth, completely redesigning the look, feel and functionality of the site. The good news is that the principles remain the same, still showing great 360 panoramas from around the world from panoramic photographers. Still linking the images to Google maps with local and travel information.

The better news is that the site will be easier to navigate, better to look at and have much more functionality. These two screen shots show some of the differences to be expected:

The Old Site Screenshot
Screenshot of old layout for
  • Much cleaner feel and navigation.
  • Immediate presentation of some local information without scrolling down.
  • Thumbnails linking to nearby images.
  • Incorporation of the Krpano flash panorama viewer giving smoother action.
  • Larger, high resolution images suitable for full screen viewing.
  • Ability to display both spherical and cylindrical 360 panoramas.
  • Ability to embed single images as well as whole regional tours.
  • Local directory for each destination covered giving local travel links.
Most of the work is now completed and we expect to be able to announce a 'go live' date soon. The use of high resolution images, and incorporation of spherical panoramas, will mean some changes to the uploading and editing procedures for photographers, but this will remain a relatively simple affair.

We are very excited about these changes, offering a much better viewing experience for our visitors and expand the services we can offer the travel industry and community. 2010 will be a year of change, expansion and improvement for us.


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Anonymous said...

I saw such panormic views on many sites before. For example on AngloPolish
I must say, that i really enjoy them.
The panoramic photos can take you every where just when You are in front of the computer. It's great

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