Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2700 Panoramas

Panoramic Earth now has 2700 panoramas from all over the earth. The latest image, submitted by Robin Wilson, is a beautiful 360 panorama from Tolsta Bay, an isolated by on the Isles of Lewis, one of the Western Isles, and part of the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.

360 panorama of Tolsta Bay on Isle of Lewis by Robin WilsonTolsta Bay panorama (c) Robin Wilson - All rights reserved.

Robin has spent a lot of time photographing this part of Scotland, and his panoramas reflect the care and dedication he has to this part of the world. This picture is stunning, capturing dramatic storm clouds over the island to the south with a massive double rainbow hanging over the beach. To the north, the sun is shining once again, clearly visible over the still ocean in late afternoon.

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puzz said...

Congratulations Peter. 2700 pics is really a respectable number for a panoramic photography site!

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