Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Panoramic Earth meets

Every once in a while an event catches your eye, and causes you to look a little further. This was our experience recently with Suddenly, like an exploding supernova lighting up the night sky, the referrals from this site flashed upon our web logs. It has been interesting watching the development and demise of this traffic source over the recent weeks. There are always a few sources of traffic that you get used to seeing. A couple of our regulars for us include both and, both of which regularly shine in our traffic sky, and both were equally eclipsed by Stumbleupon in recent days. Yet as Stumbleupon fades away in the traffic skies, both Flybirdy and Britainexpress grow brighter and brighter.

Sadly, like all supernovae, this brightening of our web life seems to have vanished as quickly as it came, leaving only an afterglow in our memories as we wonder where these inter-site travellers have gone to next. All that we can say is that we wish you well in your travels, thank you for coming by in such numbers. Maybe one day another new cluster of Stumbleupon members will burst upon our horizons again. At that point we at will have to change our analogy here from a supernova to a commet. Until then...

So, so long and thanks for all the clicks.
And may all your browsers always paginate.

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