Sunday, February 12, 2006

Creation of

Both The London Map and The Hawaii Map used to have their own domains. It has now been decided to create one site to house both these and other tours as they are made. Thus was born Soon after this other locations like Oxford in England and the Balearic Island of Mallorca off the South of Spain were also added. The site now attracts around 3,000 visitors a day, and this is growing month by month. New tours are continuing to be added during the coming year. I intend to visit at least 6 cities, probably mostly in Europe, though New York and Las Vegas are also under consideration depending on funds. There is also a possibility of Hong Kong being added to the collection.

One of the beauties of the whole project is that the tours may be used by other websites as embedded content, so don’t be too surprised if you come across the tours in other places and think, “That looks familiar…”. The London, Mallorca and Hawaii tours are also displayed in over 80 other websites as of February 2006. You will know it is a Panoramic Earth tour due to the presence of an acknowledgement sating “Tour by, powered by MAI Technology” underneath the tour itself.

Panoramic Earth also contains a growing number of European ski resorts using the same principle of panoramic images linked to (in this case) a piste map of the skiing region. There are around 30 listed to date, and the Jungfrau region in Switzerland was photographed extensively in January 2006 and is about to go live on the site. Each tour is also accompanied by local resort information useful for skiers and snow boarders alike.

So, take a browse, let your fingers do the clicking and see what some of these places have to offer.

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