Thursday, December 22, 2005

Opera in the house

A week ago I went to Papagano Restaurant near to Covent Garden in London. This seems to be a place you either love or hate, the decoration is opulent, using loads of fabrics, and at times bizarre. The food is great, and the whole event can feel quite theatrical, which is no mistake. The reason I was there was to see two friends sing. The are both opera singers, Louise Kleboe a mezzo-voice and Russell Ixer, a Lyric Tenor. It was great fun, with both of them roaming the restaurant singing arias during the evening. They have finished the run of events on the 22nd December 2005, but I hope they are able to do some more in 2006. It always makes a change to hear live music in any restaurant, but to hear quality live opera is rare.

Both Russell and Louise have performed elsewhere, Russell spent some of 2005 performing as Gastone in La Traviata around the UK, while Louise has done a number of gigs internationally. In my humble opinion, they are both worth going to hear.

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