Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hawaii - the project expands

A couple of years ago I started taking panoramic images of London. Over 120 to date have been put together. Inspired by this, and actually enjoying it, I then had the fantastic opportunity to do the same for Hawaii. – the result was The Hawaii Map. Using the excuse of having to travel there for a wedding, I then spent an extra 2 weeks on Hawaii Big Island with a camera, tripod and a borrowed truck, kindly lent to me by Paradise Helicopters. You can see the red jeep in some of the photos – it crops up every now and again. This was a fantastic thing to be lent, great fun and made a great platform for taking the images around Volcano National Park. The format was the same, using a map and pinning a load of images to it. The whole thing is driven by Mai Technology. So now you can tour Hawaii Big Island from the comfort of your home, see some of the lovely beaches, visit the volcanoes and other bits and pieces. I hope to go back, not least so I can enjoy relaxing on some of the beaches, but also to take some more images of the other islands in the chain.

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