Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Supporting Heartkids Orphanage in India

Every now and again something really great happens. Seeing Heartkids use Panoramic Earth to display virtual tours of their orphanage in India was one of those. Heartkids runs a number of homes for orphans and children abandoned by their families around Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. Each Heartkids home houses up to nine children, providing them with a house-mum and a loving, nurturing environment. Because of what the charity does, every day about 150 children aged 4 to 18 find a safe place where they get food, clothing, play and education. Outside they were rejected, living hand to mouth in extreme deprivation. Inside there is life and hope for the future.

Heartkids not only provides for the children but also medical help for adults, especially those suffering from leprosy, HIV or polio disabilities. These individuals are rejected by society and forsaken. Yet through the work of Heartkids their humanity is acknowledged and some dignity restored.

Panorama of Heartkids Home 1 full supplied by Panoramic Earth

Such work always needs more support, and if you are interested then you can help, get involved and make a difference.

At Panoramic Earth, we are just grateful to have been allowed to play a part. And we would welcome this more, so if you have a worthy cause you would like to let others know about with virtual tours, then please talk to us.

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