Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy London Campaign

For the past few weeks the tent city of the Occupy London anti-capitalist protest has occupied the space in front of St Paul's Cathedral in London. This is the closest that the protest group could get to the London Stock Exchange, situated just north of the Cathedral. On the day that the Corporation of London came to issue eviction notices to people, Peter Watts, a virtual tour photographer, went down to the site to create a virtual tour of the protest.

Peter said that he found the site friendly and relaxed. The large 'University' tent provided all kinds of information about the protest and a daily list of events, talks and activities.

Understandably, Occupy London intend to remain for as long as it takes to persuade people that the status quo in the City can not be allowed to continue, and that issues around corporate and capitalist greed need to be addressed. Also understandably, the City would like the protest camp to move, for media attention to focus on other things and, probably, for them to be able to get on with business as usual.

The precise 'business as usual' that the Occupy London group are intent on preventing.

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