Saturday, March 06, 2010

Panoramic Earth v3.0 - Nearly There

New Panoramic Earth Homepage

As mentioned previously, Panoramic Earth is undergoing a major overhaul. We are nearly ready to launch the new version of the site - This will include several major improvements like:
  • Complete redesign of the layout and feel, with much improved functionality
  • Changes to the image uploading procedures.
  • Use of high resolution images.
  • Full screen viewing options.
  • Cylindrical (panoramas that go round and round) and Spherical (pan up and down as well) images.
  • Updating to the latest Google maps API
  • Embedding of individual images as well as regional tours
  • Better image searching, clearer tables of images.
These changes will improve the quality of work our contributors are able to display, and create a much improved experience for our visitors. Many of the basic principles will remain the same with the panoramas still linked to Google maps, and we will still intend to create a description of each one answering the 'What is it, where is it, how do I get there and what is nearby?' questions. For our contributors this means that in a short while we will be disabling new uploads to the old version during the changeover, which is expected to take a couple of days. For our visitors, it should be a fairly seamless experience, though don't be tempted to think you have come to the wrong place when it happens!

New Panoramas on Panoramic Earth