Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Language Translations

While Panoramic Earth is set up with English as the main site, we recognize that many people are interested in adding information about their places in other languages. To help with that, members can apply for access to the language admin options within their profiles. This enables you to:
  • Provide local translations for the country, region and image title.
  • Manage translations for specific locations.
  • Provide local and travel information in local language.
  • Change relevant meta-data to optimize these language pages within search engines.
  • Link to other pages within the site.
We will continue to provide and edit English texts for locations. These pages within the site contain some advice and help with this:
  • Editing Style - help about the writing style used on Panoramic Earth and easy way to link images together.
  • Destination Admin Help - walk-through guide to accessing and editing location procedures.
  • Translation Help - walk-through guide to the language admin sections.
These systems are already finding much support, as Manuel Ruiz says; 'Fantastic, and now I can translate the comments into Spanish. It's great! Now I can show people who speak Spanish and not English some views of my city.'

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Manuel Ruiz said...

Very often, some wonderful websites go unnoticed for some people who do not know the language. Panoramic Earth is a very visual website, but it's important that people understand and learn something about where these fantastic places are . It is a very good idea Peter!

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