Monday, September 22, 2008

Obi Baby & Child Carrier

When hiking around to get to locations you see many different ways people deal with children. A new baby and child carrier is quite innovative. Unlike back pack style baby carriers, the Obi Baby & Child Carrier folds up small enough to fit in a large pocket. It comes in a small pouch which can be attached to a belt. This means that it is only on your back for the time you actually need it - when your child or toddler has run out of energy. For the rest of the time your back is free from any load.

The Obi Baby Carriers are suitable for children between about 1 year and 3 years, depending on child size. The come in several styles and colours, black, cream, and yellow. The carrier is made from strong cotton webbing, which is durable, washable and comfortable to wear.

1 comment:

jeanine said...

this is a great idea! you can also do this carry with just a long piece of cloth. but for those not familiar with traditional babywearing it is a great idea!

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