Saturday, July 26, 2008

Improved Search Result Presentation

Searches for panoramas on Panoramic Earth has just got smarter as we have just implemented changes that make these more useful. Instead of a simple A-Z list of the search returns, these are now tabulated in a more meaningful way as shown below:

Search Results for 'Beach' on Panoramic Earth
You get -
  • Panorama ID - a site ID given to each panorama
  • Location Name - An active link which will take you to the location listed
  • Region and Country Listing - Shows you where in the world the location is found at a glance.
The search covers more than just the location title. For example, a search for 'victoria' will return both panorama locations with 'Victoria' in the title and also images from Victoria in Australia and other places where Victoria relevant to the search request.

This is much more useful than the old way of presenting search results as shown above.

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