Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sightseeiing and Panoramas of Barcelona

Explore the city of Barcelona with this Barcelona Map, which links many fully 360° panoramas of the sights and attractions around the city to a Google map. Each panoramic image is accompanied by a local description and travel directions. It covers many of the most famous places in a comprehensive tour of Barcelona, including a panorama from the top of the Temple de la Sagrada Familia, and Casa Milà, as well as numerous panoramas from around Castell de Montjuïc and Montjuïc itself, and Parc Güell, famous for the works of Antonio Gaudi.

This unique virtual tour of Barcelona uses interactive maps and panoramas to show you where you are, what is there, how to get there and what is nearby.

As with the other virtual tours produced by Panoramic Earth, this tour can be used by other websites for free, simply see the Use a Tour pages on the site for more details.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Virtual Tour of London

This is an example of the tours from Panoramic Earth that may be used in any website for free. You will get an interactive virtual tour of London with over 100 panoramic images linked to a google map of the city. Tabs give access to the local descriptions for the locations and other local information. As new images are added to the London content, so they will automatically be added to this tour here.

The Tour:

If you are interested in having this tour in your own site then follow the 5 simple steps below:

Step 1: Register with the site (
Step 2: In your account select the Embedded Tours option
Step 3: In the table put London Map in the Title box (near the bottom), and click list and then click on option given.
Step 4: Enter the name of the domain you wish to run the tour in and click ‘Save’
Step 5: Simply copy the code you are given and paste it into your own web code

Et Viola, one tour code to simply put where you want and the tour is your, free. In fact, these tours can start at any individual location and panorama, making the potential options vast. Visit the Embed a Tour for more information about this.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Use the Panoramic Earth Tours in Your Own Site for FREE

Any website is now able to run and use the maps and images from Panoramic Earth for FREE within their own sites. This unique opportunity allows webmasters the ability to embed the tours as part of their own content. Simply select the starting location required, provide the domain name in which the tour is to be run, and then you will be provided with the code to place into the website.

Visit the website find out more about our FREE virtual tour offer.
  • Free dynamic web content
  • Interactive maps with panoramic images from all over the world
  • Ever increasing collection free of charge
  • Local information, truly comprehensive virtual tours
  • 1000's of different panoramas to choose from

600 Panoramas and Counting

Panoramic Earth now has over 600 panoramas from around the world linked to Google Maps. The project continues to expand as the number of contributors and images grows.

Image 600 : River Moriston in the Scottish Highlands:

The River Moriston flows from Loch Cluanie in the Scottish Highlands down Glen Moriston and eventual empties into Loch Ness. The river is famous for fishing and runs through very scenic parts of the Scottish Highlands.

This image was contributed to Panoramic Earth by Peter Watts

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