Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Virtual Tour of London

This is an example of the tours from Panoramic Earth that may be used in any website for free. You will get an interactive virtual tour of London with over 100 panoramic images linked to a google map of the city. Tabs give access to the local descriptions for the locations and other local information. As new images are added to the London content, so they will automatically be added to this tour here.

The Tour:

If you are interested in having this tour in your own site then follow the 5 simple steps below:

Step 1: Register with the site (
Step 2: In your account select the Embedded Tours option
Step 3: In the table put London Map in the Title box (near the bottom), and click list and then click on option given.
Step 4: Enter the name of the domain you wish to run the tour in and click ‘Save’
Step 5: Simply copy the code you are given and paste it into your own web code

Et Viola, one tour code to simply put where you want and the tour is your, free. In fact, these tours can start at any individual location and panorama, making the potential options vast. Visit the Embed a Tour for more information about this.

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