Friday, July 13, 2007

Singapore MASH Website

Screen Shot of Panoramic Earth Signapore data
About the Singapore MASH Website: "This website is a combination of information from many websites. Using geographical, location, bus arrival time, business etc from these many websites, Singapore MASH Website is able to show the different information on a single location."

The Screen shot above shows the mashup done with the Singapore panorama locations listed on Panoramic Earth. Each pin links back to the panorama on the parent site.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

400 panoramas and counting.

Panoramic Earth now has over 400 panoramas from around the world linked to Google Maps. The project continues to expand as the number of contributors and images grows.

Image 400 : Kerepesi Cemetery - Jozsef Antall's Monument:

Kerepesi Cemetery - Jozsef Antall's Monument

József Antall was born in 1932 and died in 1993. He became the first Prime Minister of Hungary after the fall of the communist regime. The statue over his grave was made by Miklos Melocco.

This image was contributed to Panoramic Earth by Peter Watts

The Big One - Project Planet

Imagine projecting 360° panoramas onto a massive circular screen, so big that you can stand in the middle and view them. Just how big would this need to be. Enter Project Planet. In the Sziget Festival this year in Budapest there will be a screen 4m high and 55m long wrapped around the inside of a huge tent. Panoramic images from around the world are to be projected onto this screen. Each day during the festival images from a different continent will be shown. These images have been chosen for the beauty they reveal about the different places around the world.

Some of the selected images are also found on Panoramic Earth. These include:
It is possible that this fantastic exhibition will then itself go on a world tour after the Sziget Festival is over. So hopefully this massive screen will be coming to a city near you sometime soon.

New Panoramas on Panoramic Earth