Thursday, July 12, 2007

400 panoramas and counting.

Panoramic Earth now has over 400 panoramas from around the world linked to Google Maps. The project continues to expand as the number of contributors and images grows.

Image 400 : Kerepesi Cemetery - Jozsef Antall's Monument:

Kerepesi Cemetery - Jozsef Antall's Monument

József Antall was born in 1932 and died in 1993. He became the first Prime Minister of Hungary after the fall of the communist regime. The statue over his grave was made by Miklos Melocco.

This image was contributed to Panoramic Earth by Peter Watts

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Vasco Pires said...

Hi Peter!
I didn't know you were one of the creators of this amazing site.I don't know the creation date, but I believe it's rather recent. I am amazed that the US are still virtually without Panorama cover.

This site was really needed! and I think that, as in Panoramio, Google will probably want it be a whole unique layer on GE. I personally think that this site by itself has potential to stand against GE for that matter!

I was proud to be the first one uploading a Panorama of my own contry, and although I don't have that much time to travel, I will try to shoot and upload more Panoramas from this little square in the Europe's tail.. ;)

One of the things I like most in this site is the quality standards. I believe that before accepting a new panorama, the team checks it and compares it to the satelite image to see if its exactly coincidental with the location announced? That's good because it's essential to keep the acuracy of locations, that way this won't loose quality as other sites do.

I reafirm that quality is essential here. Quality of location, stitching, naming , description of subjects, and subject interest.

I will try to maintain the standards in the panoramas I upload, but feel free to reject any of them if you think that quality is missing. You MUST keep 'strong filtering' as your trademark, because that's what will make the diference. There will be people who will feel offended and not coming back after rejection. But that's the best natural selection you can have, because that way you will attract only the people interested in quality.



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