Sunday, November 04, 2007

Panoramas from Cambridge

Panoramic Earth launches an interactive map of Cambridge with numerous 360° panoramas of places of interest taken around the city. These panoramas show some of the colleges, open spaces, museums and other attractions in Cambridge. The panoramic images are linked to Google maps for easy navigation, and each is accompanied by some local information. The virtual tour of Cambridge will continue to grow as more panoramas are added in the future. Cambridge is a popular tourist destination in the UK, with many people making day-trips from London to visit this historical city.

Cambridge University Colleges:
There are a number of panoramas from various colleges of Cambridge University. These colleges are sometimes open to the public and form some of the main tourist attractions in the city. The panorama below was taken in Trinity College.
Panorama of the Quad at Trinity College Cambridgepanorama (c) Peter Watts - all rights reserved

Punting on the River Cam: One of the top activities for visitors, the River Cam encircles most of the city. The panorama below shows one of the punt rental stations on the river. Wearing a straw boater when punting is an option. Loosing the pole in the river is also an option, just not so recommended.
panorama of Scudamores Punting Company in Cambridge panorama (c) Peter Watts - all rights reserved

Pieces of Cambridge: Cambridge has a number of open spaces, commonly called a Piece. Many of these are associated with particular colleges. These gardens and grassed areas are an ideal resting and picnic spot in the summer. The panorama below shows Christ’s Piece.

panorama (c) Peter Watts - all rights reserved

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Steph said...

cool blog! thanks for your comment. the women fountain.. i couldn't tell you exactly how to get there, but it's behind the row of buildings lining the thames near london bridge on the south bank in a little clearing. i happened on it by accident!

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