Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Glen Sligachan in Isles of Skye

Glen Sligachan picture
Some palaces are really evocative. Glen Sligachan is one of them. When the light and sky conditions are right the place can seem otherworldly, inviting or forbidding. And with this being the Isles of Skye, it can seem all three within a matter of minutes. The peaks of the Black Cuillins frequently emerge from the swirling clouds only to be rapidly enveloped by the changing skies once again. They say of the Isles of Skye that, 'if you can not see Skye then it is raining. If you can see Skye then it is about to.' And this is very true.

The image here is part of a
360 panorama of Glen Sligachan part way up the west coast of Skye. There is a great bar here that serves 200+ types of whiskey and a fantastic venison burger, which was very welcome after hours of carrying a tripod and camera whilst driving around the island trying vainly to dodge the rain.

Friday, June 15, 2007

HMS Ark Royal in London

Some 360° panoramas from the HMS Ark Royal:
Flight Deck | Bridge | Under Flight Deck | Superstructure

There are times when a unique opportunity arrives, one that you know will never be repeated again. The presence of the HMS Ark Royal in London during the National Falklands 25th Anniversary Commemorative events in June of 2007 is just such an opportunity. For six days the HMS Ark Royal lay moored off Greenwich Pier and the Isle of Dogs on the River Thames. The unique opportunity was to be able to board her and take a series of panoramic pictures from various parts of the ship. The panorama from the front end of the flight deck give a truly unique view of Greenwich and the surrounding area. Only a few hours later the pictures from the ship were available on Panoramic Earth.

Friday, June 01, 2007

goeurope.about.com thinks Panoramic Earth is 'Cool'..

James Martin, the main travel writer and guru for all things Erope on About.com, has recently posted his view of the tour of Rome on Panoramic Earth. It looks like he considers this to be 'cool' and has enjoyed looking at the panoramas while exploring the numerous churches and other sights of Rome to be found on the tour.

As he has said: "And even cooler, a line on the map revolving around the icon tells you what direction you're facing in the current panorama view."

You can find his comments on goeurope.about.com

New Panoramas on Panoramic Earth